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You will get the direct access to the experienced Japanese master chefs

Learning directly from the master chefs is absolutely special! You will learn their real techniques through mentoring sessions & personalized feedback from the master chefs!!

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Personalized feedback from master chefs←NEW OFFER!

You can get feedback from the master chefs by sharing the photos of sushi that you made!

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Your Instructor

Hideyuki & Fumino Takahashi
Hideyuki & Fumino Takahashi
Real master chefs become your personal teacher

Hideyuki Takahashi

Curriculum supervisor, Chief Chef mentor

  • 15 years at “Tokyo Kitcho”, a most-renowned Kaiseki (traditional Japanese cuisine) restaurant
  • Former popular instructor at “Tokyo Sushi Academy” for 4 years
  • Sushi chef at “Shinji by Kanesaka” (Singapore)
  • Yakitori chef (Japanese skewed BBQ, Tokyo)
  • Kitchen management (Hong Kong)

Fumino Takahashi
Curriculum development

  • Worked at several Japanese restaurants in Tokyo
  • Trained sushi & fish skill at Tokyo Sushi Academy & world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market
  • Japanese fermented food (soy sauce, miso) specialist

A word from our adviser

"As a professional Japanese cooking instructor, I taught sushi a hundred times. Thus I say, this online course teaches the wide range of knowledge that one-time sushi class can't cover and the real techniques that sushi chefs master only after many years of practice.

So, I confidently recommend this course to you, if you are
an ambitious hobby cook or a professional who is willing to learn authentic Japanese cuisine.

Even in Japan, I can't think of many other courses that teach sushi techniques so openly and systematically like this online course.

This course is brilliant because it is not only available in English with visual-rich contents for international chefs, but also in the interactive and engaging way!

Through consulting this course as an adviser, I re-learned so many things. I would therefore guarantee that this course will be very insightful for you as well.

- Kaoru Iriyama, professional Japanese cooking instructor, Germany

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