How to plan the assignment?

Good news for free course students!
In principal, only students in the paid courses can submit the assignments and UNLIMITEDLY receive the feedback (& mentoring) from chef mentors.
But! Free trial students also can get one-time feedback from master chefs by sending sushi photos to us!


In the previous module (Module 1), you learned the essential steps and tips to make top-quality sushi. Now it is time to apply what you learned in Module 1 to the real experience.

Assignment: make nigiri salmon or tuna sushi by applying the learning from the Module 1

To complete this assignment, this module consists of 3 steps:

1. Develop a plan and refine it with your mentor

2. Let's do it! Complete the assignment by yourself based on your plan

3. Fill out the reflection sheet

Let's take a close look at each step one by one.

1. Planning

The first step is planning. Planning is sometimes more important than doing especially you are doing something brand-new for you. We put together the materials to help you plan to win the great result.

Fill out the planning sheet

You can either download word or pdf version, or directly fill out the form below which you can send to your email address.

Now your planning is ready! All you need is "Just Do it!"

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