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Once you make a purchase, you will receive a welcome Email AND a separate Email with a gift promo code, which you can forward or print for your loved one who deserves your special gift. (This separate Email might take a few hours to arrive at your inbox.)

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Grand Membership Plus

With this membership plan, you have a premium access to ALL ONLINE MASTERCLASSES (e.g. Yakitori, Wagyu, etc) available at our academy UNLIMITEDLY.

This including future updates & up-coming courses*.

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*: Some future Masterclasses might not be included

Regular Membership

Selection of the popular lessons from our Masterclasses.

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Sushi Masterclass

Our No.1-popular Sushi Masterclass that are used for professional training at some restaurants as well.

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Sushi Masterclass

All of chef's secrets are revealed!

Master chef's advanced techniques of sushi-making are revealed here!

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Wagyu Masterclass

Discover the new potential of Wagyu with the guide of Wagyu expert & master chef.

Yakitori Masterclass

Learn the art of Yakitori from a master chef!