Pricing option


Self-study plan (No certificate)

Full-refund guarantee* for 30 days (*check the cancellation policy below)

This plan includes:

  • Immediate & life-long access to all the materials after you purchased!
  • Access to exclusive Facebook community where you can ask questions and network with the fellow participants from across the globe.
  • Support if you have technical problems to learn the course or questions related to the course materials

But, this plan doesn't include:

  • any personalized supports including personal feedback and weekly group session
  • any type of certificate

Cancellation & refund policy

You can cancel the purchase & claim full-refund anytime 30 days after the purchase.

However, if you have already completed the course 50% or more before 30 days pass, you receive the prorated refund according to the completion rate. (i.e. If you have completed the course 70%, you will be entitled to receive 30% refund.)


Certificate plan

6 live sessions included & Full-refund guaranteed

Anyone who take this offer will receive the followings:

  • Full & immediate access to all the materials of sushi foundation course (videos, written instructions, recipes, self-learning support tools, etc)
  • 6 Live feedback session with Japanese sushi master chefs (Language: English)
  • Personalized feedback from master chefs
  • Life-long access to Academy's exclusive Facebook community of international Japanese cuisine chefs to ask questions and seek professional advice
  • Certificate of completion

What's NOT included in this plan:

  • Any physical item (knife, cook coat, etc)

Cancellation policy

This plan is fully refundable anytime before your second feedback session.

You can also claim the refund anytime if you have a technical problem opening the course material on our platform

Note: once you cancel your purchase, you would lose your access to the exclusive Facebook community page.