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Award-winning academy offers 100% online program of Japanese cuisine. 

We provide the highest level of Japanese culinary instructions through world-class programs.

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Our program enables beginners to learn the basics of the art of sushi, which could help them start pursuing a Japanese-culinary career.

"I was a total beginner when I took their online Sushi Masterclass, but after completing it, I got a sushi chef job at a hotel in Manila amid the corona crisis and now started my own sushi business!

Now I started my own sushi business and it is going very well.

I recommend this program to everybody who wants to have a good foundation for making sushi and other Japanese dishes.

The teachers are just great!"


Successful Student with the certificate from Online Sushi Masterclass
Successful Student with the certificate from Online Sushi Masterclass

Experienced sushi chefs or international gastronomy chefs

Even a professional chef with a few years of experience in sushi or international cuisines, you still learn a lot through our programs taught by real experts. That will help you take your cooking to the next level.

"When I took their online Sushi Masterclass, I was working as a sushi chef in a restaurant. But, I wanted to learn more about sushi and Japanese cuisine. And now, I started my second Japanese restaurant in my home country.

Everything I learned from this program was useful for me throughout my future career as a chef.

It is a very complete program from many points of view that helps you learn regardless of the level of training and experience you have (from beginners to advanced chefs).

I'm glad I met Takahashi Sensei (teacher). He is one of the best teachers of Japanese cuisine that I could find."


Passionate hobby cook, amateur chefs, and more

Anyone who loves cooking at home or other places who are passionate about Japanese Cuisine can find a lot of undiscovered secrets of Japanese culinary art.

Daniel is a passionate hobby cook who is fascinated by sushi and Japanese cuisine. Before he joined our Online Sushi Masterclass, he had watached Youtube videos and taked local sushi classes. But, he was never satisfied.

"I thought that I already knew a lot of things about sushi, but after taking this program, I realized that I didn't. I learned a lot from this program!" -Daniel


Online Sushi Masterclass for home cooks

Your teachers

It is absolutely a unique opportunity for you to learn directly from the master chefs.

Especially when you have no access to such experts in your own local environment.

Master chef teacher
Hideyuki Takahashi
Curriculum supervisor, Chief Chef mentor
  • 15 years at “Tokyo KITCHO” (KITCHO is a most-renowned Kaiseki, traditional Japanese cuisine, restaurant group in Japan with three Michelin stars)
  • Sushi chef at “Shinji by KANESAKA” in Singapore (KANESAKA is a one-Michelin star sushi restaurant)
  • Former popular instructor at “Tokyo Sushi Academy” for 4 years

And more

Yasuyoshi Shimada
  • Former head Japanese chef at Japanese embassy
  • 10+ years at “Tokyo KITCHO”, a most-renowned Kaiseki (traditional Japanese cuisine) restaurant
  • Several years of experience working at other popular Japanese restaurants in Tokyo

And more

Kaoru Iriyama
Chef mentor, Programme adviser
  • Trained at the culinary academy of Koyama Hirohisa, a grand master of Japanese cuisine.
  • Also worked in his renowned restaurant "Aoyagi“ in Tokyo.
  • Sharing her knowledge of Japanese cuisine and philosophy in Berlin and Germany as a professional cooking instructor.
  • Consultant for Japanese restaurants in Germany for the refined cooking methods of Japan and the fascinating background of Japanese culinary culture.
  • Very experienced in TV cooking shows in Germany

And more

Hear what our students say honestly...

All honest words from our students.

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