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Courses Included with Purchase

Japanese Knife & Sharpening Masterclass
Deep-dive into the art of Japanese knives & sharpening techniques
Hideyuki Takahashi
Standard dashi soup stock (Short course)
Authentic method of making standard dashi stock that you wouldn't know!
Anonymous chef
Japanese escabeche - Nanban-zuke -
Marinting method, frying technique and plating principles
Anonymous chef
Green Beans / Spinach Ohitashi & Goma-ae (Vegan)
Popular side dish/starter with green beans & spinach
Anonymous chef
Eggplant with sweet egg miso - Nasu Dengaku-
Roasted miso and fried eggplant creates the great harmony of taste!
Anonymous chef
Salmon roe rice -Harako-meshi-
Dashi-flavored rice topped with salmon roe
Anonymous chef
Eggplant boat with sweet egg miso -Fukiyose Dengaku-
Fried seafood & colorful vegetables with tasty sweet miso
Anonymous chef
Seabream with sesame sauce, served with rice & dashi - Tai-meshi & Chazuke -
Creamy sesame sauce creates great combination with seabream sashimi
Anonymous chef
Special juicy & tender Teriyaki Chicken suitable for large portions
Perfect for home party & restaurant menu! How to serve large portions freshly out from the grill!
Anonymous chef
Tenderly braised pork belly - Kaku-ni -
Soy-sauce-base braised tender pork belly
Anonymous chef
(Vegan) Rice with fresh ginger aroma - Yanaka-meshi -
Rice cooked with ginger and dashi
Anonymous chef
Fish-filleting technique for Japanese cooking
It's a core technique of Japanese cuisine!
Anonymous chef
Proper way to wash Japanese rice
Many people actually don't know how to wash Japanese rice properly!
Anonymous chef
Japanese-style fried chicken - Kara-age / Tatsuta-age -
Everybody's favorite! Learn chef's secret to make juicy crispy Kara-age
Anonymous chef
Oden Hot Pot
Most loved hot pot in Japan that you find in every convenience store!
Anonymous chef
Making a perfect sushi rice
The ultimate instruction to make a perfect sushi rice
Hideyuki & Fumino Takahashi
Ultimate guide for sushi rolls
Essential techniques of making perfect roll sushi
Hideyuki & Fumino Takahashi
Hygiene and food safety for sushi & sashimi
Enjoy not only tasty but also "safe" sushi and sashimi
Hideyuki & Fumino Takahashi

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